Lifestyle June 10, 2023

Protect Your Home While You’re Away on Vacation

For many of us, the highlight of spring or summer is taking a long awaited vacation for a week of fun in the sun and relaxation. No one wants to return home after a fabulous getaway to find that their home has had uninvited visitors and things aren’t just how you left them.

These helpful tips may be able to prevent any sort of unwanted situations and give you peace of mind while you are away.

1) Pause Before You Post

In this digital age, social media is part of daily life and many of us post our routine activities. It would be understandable to post the exciting news that you are finally away to that dream destination. But the reality is, any number of strangers can see those messages and use it as an opportunity to take advantage of the situation.

Vacation pictures and stories are a huge tip off that no one is home and your house vulnerable. So wait until after the trip to post those sun-kissed beach selfies.

2) Stop the Mail

Thieves are often wise to potential signs that no one is home and another huge clue is piled up mail and newspapers. It is easy to contact USPS and have them hold your mail until your return. If you have a friend or neighbor that you trust, ask them to pick up your mail as well as keep an eye on your place.

3) Time Your Lights

Lights on throughout your home are a great indicator that the house isn’t empty. However leaving the lights on would cause a higher electric bill not to mention be a waste of energy. A great alternative is to program electronics using smart technology or timers.

If you can, consider hiring a friend or family member to housesit, or at the least to stop by periodically to check on things.

There are also services that provide house-sitting, dog-walking, etc if you want to take advantage of it.

These tips are simple but will go a long way in protecting your home while you are away. Here at Wallace Real Estate, we realize that vacations are a great time to make memories and want to ensure your return is as stress-free as possible!

Have a great trip!